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Last log upload to QO-100 Dx Club: my own experience

Last log upload to QO-100 Dx Club: my own experience As anyone can guess, we had been very busy with club matters since the last update. Because of that only yesterday I had opportunity to upload my own log. I know I am not perfect and do mistakes, like any other human, but I also pride myself of having a very accurate log. Yet I was shocked when I saw “QSO with Issues” list under my Profile page: I had one DXCC missing, 1 QSO mode invalid, several QSO Grid were invalid for DXCC, and some calls had less than 3 QSO on the database. Honestly, I was shocked! My first reaction was denial. “This can’t be right.”, I thought. I was prepared to accept busted calls, but not wrong grids, let alone a missing DXCC. My next thought was “The DXCC Grids database must be wrong. As soon as someone find, we will be trashed again“.  Then I took a deep breath and thought: “Ok. No panic. Let’s check one by one!” I started with the missing DXCC. It was a Z6 QSO and, because the grid was wrong, the QSO was invalid. Also, because it was the only QSO with that DXCC, the DXCC was missing. I was sure the callsign was right (because I had exchanged emails with the operator), so the solution was simple: look for the right Grid. Where? On the usual sources of ham radio information: paper QSL,, LOTW, DxSummit web cluster, eQSL record, etc. It was a easy find. One […]

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