Website Update: CQ Zones Rankings

A new release was deployed to the QO-100 Dx Club with an update on the way how we determine CQ Zones.

Some members have pointed that it was unlikely that the total number of activated CQ zones was correct. With that information we investigated the issue and determined that there was some QSOs on database that were logged with a Dx callsign from one CQ Zone, but according to it’s grid they were operating from another CQ zone.

Since our source of data for CQ Zones only accounted for Dx Callsign, we got wrong data for those QSOs, thus giving us wrong data to build the ranking from. Note that this only affects a minor number of DXCC entities that span more than on CQ Zone.

To solve the issue we now are looking at the grid (4 digits only) reported in the QSO, and use that information to get the CQ Zone from DXCC entity and the QSO grid. That means that QSOs with no grid information will not have CQ Zone data associated, and it will not count for the CQ Zones Ranking. In the same way, if a QSO has multiple grids, all the grids must be on the same CQ Zone.

The grids that are at the boundary of two zones, don’t count for either of them. If you have a QSO on this state and wish to have it recognized, please let us know and well update the database.

We hope that this new way to determine the CQ Zone is more accurate and will generate a more representative ranking.

The data was gathered manually and can be checked in the Results »  Grids By DXCC page so if you spot and error please let us know.

Enjoy the satellite, and good Dx!

The QO-100 Dx Club Team