Website Update: two new rankings, and more data on the Statistics page

A new release was deployed to the QO-100 Dx Club with two minor updates.


Sum of DXCC

Just for fun we setup a ranking page that sorts callsigns by the sum of DXCC for phone, CW, DATA and Image modes. It’s hardly scientific, but it has some interesting results.

Number of QSOs

One of these days we noticed that the number of QSOs is an interesting indicator of activity on the satellite, so now we know how it goes.

Some callsigns should be no surprise, but please check it out!


Lastly, we added more info to the Statistics page, you can now see the evolution of the number of QSOs by mode (actually, SSB, CW, Data and Image modes) by month. Nothing fancy, but good for those of us interested in numbers.


And that’s all for today, the New Year has been slow on updates but you can expect some news in the near future.

Enjoy the satellite, and good Dx!

The QO-100 Dx Club Team