Website Update: restore two details and QSO matching simplification

A new release was deployed to the QO-100 Dx Club today, restoring two lost features and one improvement related with data quality

QSO Matching

The QSO matching system is now simpler, and hopefully more obvious:

  • for a given QSO A, if we found a QSO B in the database where the callsigns, mode and date/time (+-10 minutes) match, and both A and B have their activation grid, either via MY_GRIDSQUARE or MY_VUCC_GRIDS, and for each 4 digits gridsquare A.GRID = B.MY_GRID the QSO is a full match, and is displayed with green background in your Profile > Logbook
  • if the grids don’t match as described in the previous point, but the callsigns, mode and date/time (+- 10 minutes) match the QSO is a partial match and is displayed with yellow background in you Profile > Logbook

We have kept the symbol that describes the matching type, and we updated the caption in the bottom of the Profile > Logbook with more information.

Also, if you have QSOs without  MY_GRIDSQUARE information you are presented with a warning on your main Profile page, asking you to update it. If you need any help achieving this, please let us know.

Restoring Lost Features

In two recent updates two features were lost, and are now restored. They are:

  • the display of the “Satellite symbol” on the Profile > Logbook, identifying the members of the QO-100 Dx Clube
  • the representation of your callsign in bold when you are viewing the Rankings tables


We don’t have any more major updates planned until the new year, but we are not standing still. In the meanwhile, enjoy the satellite and good Dx!

The QO-100 Dx Club Team