Website Update: Exclude from Rankings and Main Call Sign

An update was deployed today to QO-100 Dx Club website with two improvements.

Exclude from Rankings

A member suggested that some people might not be comfortable appearing in the ranking tables, while enjoying the other benefits from the club. We tough that it made sense, and implemented that feature.

You can now go to your main Profile page and press a button to state you intention not to appear in our ranking tables. If you change your mind you can later revert back.

Main Call Sign

We noticed that for operators with multiple call signs, it could save a few clicks if you had your primary call sign already selected when you wish to upload an adif file. With that in mind we created the “Main Call Sign” concept, that is exactly that: the main call sign that you operate with.

We ran a script to detect what would be your primary call sign and already set it to all our members, but you can change it if we got it wrong: just go to your main Profile page and edit your Call Signs. In the Call Signs page you can select which call sign to set as main.


Thanks for your support, and enjoy the satellite!
The QO-100 Dx Club Team