Website Update: QSO Matching and Upload Info

An update was deployed to the QO-100 Dx Club late today with two changes and a bug correction.

QSO Matching

We changed a small part of our QSO matching algoritm: now, if you supply a grid with 4 digits, and it matches with you correspondent, even if you correspondent stated a 6 digit grid, you have a full match. This should allow FT8/FT4 QSOs to be matched since this modes only exchange 4 digit grids.

Last Log Upload

A member asked if it was possible to have the last log update. This information was added to the main Profile page, and it’s a minor update.

Bug Correction

On the Profile > Status page if you have more than one callsign and tried to sort one of the DXCCs tables you would get a “strange” (technical term) result. It should be fixed now.

Thanks and enjoy the satellite!

The QO-100 Dx Club Team