Website Update: one good improvement, several small ones

Some updates were deployed to the QO-100 Dx Club today, with improvements to the Profile > Logbook and some smaller improvements and bugfix.

Profile > Logbook

The Profile > Logbook page was redone, and now has (hopefully) a better interface: you can filter by a date interval, your callsign, the Dx callsign or the DXCC entity. The loading is also faster and we have dropped the navigation by page, and instead allow the member to “load more” from the previous page.

It should be easier to find a specific QSO with the new navigation

Profile > Status

The Profile > Status page is now simpler:

  • the list only shows worked DXCC entities, the previous page became too cluttered
  • some columns where removed from the DXCC table: ADIF number, Contacted and Activated were not needed in this context

Results > Rankings

Two minor improvements were made to both the DXCC and Grids ranking pages:

  • if you are logged in, your callsign(s) appear as bold in the list, it should be easier to locate
  • The “last year/this year” labels are gone and the rankings now show the year number: currently 2021 and 2020, but it should change in a few weeks 🙂
  • for the Grids only, we no longer show callsigns with zero grids


In the Profile > Status and Profile > Awards pages had a wrong award count, that was only noticeable when you had more than one awards. Thank you to the members that brought this to our attention and sorry for taking so long to fix.

That’s it for now, thanks for your patience and enjoy the satelitte!