Website Update: QSO matching

One update that has little impact now, but hopefully will bring dividends in the long run.

Today a release was deployed in to our server enabling QSO matching. What does this mean ?

If you upload your logs with the fields MY_GRIDSQUARE and GRIDSQUARE (or the special MY_VUCC_GRIDS/VUCC_GRIDS) we will search our database for a QSO that matches! Think of it as a kind of QSL, that helps you make sure you got all the details correct.

How does it work?

When a QSO is uploaded we search our database for another record that has matching callsigns, mode, and are no further apart than 10 minutes. If several QSOs are found we look at the closest in time, and then try to match the grid locator information.

If the grid locators match at the full 6 digits then it’s a perfect match! This QSO will appear in your Profile > Logbook page marked with a purple “equals” sign (you have an explanation of the symbols in the bottom of the Profile > Logbook page).

If the grid locators match only 4 digits, we consider it a match but will let you know with a purple “exclamation” sign in the Profile > Logbook page. If you get one of these you can check your records to see if there was a typo on the last digits, and have an opportunity to correct your log.

Another advantage: If your QSO matches with another QSO in the database, all further checks related with callsigns and grid locators are skipped. We don’t expect this to happen often, but it makes sense to consider the QSO as good if both parties provide the same information.

Also, if the QSO has the “satellite” symbol near the Dx callsign, it means that your correspondent is a QO-100 Dx Club member. If he is a member and you don’t get a match either your correspondent didn’t upload (yet?) his QSO with you, or the grids don’t match.

Where are we going?

Expect more information soon, but we have plans for further uses of the MY_GRIDSQUARE, so I end with a request: please upload your logs with MY_GRIDSQUARE information. Most logging software support this field and it should be a simple operation to include it. If it’s difficult for you, please let us know and we will try to find a solution. Also, if you wish to update your existing QSOs but have difficulties with uploading all QSOs again, please also let us know.

Enjoy the satellite and 73