Website Update: More tables and the first step

A release was deployed to the QO-100 Dx Club today, adding more tables and paving the way for some (we hope) interesting functionality.


Ranking are now split between two disting pages: DXCC and Grids. Each page shows the usual all time ranking, but also some new views split by all modes, SSB, CW and DATA.

Under each of this modes, you can check the all time ranking, just for this year, or just for last year.

We hope you find the information useful, or at least interesting!

My Grids

We are now colecting your grids, from the MY_GRIDSQUARE and MY_VUCC_GRIDS ADIF fields, if present. We don’t have a usage for this data for now, but we are planning some fun features for portable stations, so we ask you to include this information on your log files.

You can upload again your logfile and it will be updated to contain this information, so if you can please update!

If you operate portable, please upload the logs to your portable callsign. If you have been uploading QSOs made as /P to your main callsign, you can re-upload them to the correct one and contact us to delete the dupes (we don’t have an automatic process and will have to be done by hand). We are aware that your website does not correctly addresses portable operation, but we are working on it, and this is the first step to achieve that goal. If in doubt, contact us. And please, keep up with the portable operation!


This was a simple update, we will continue trying to improve.