Website Update: QSL Gallery

Some updates were deployed to the QO-100 Dx Club today, with changes to our QSL Gallery and an improvement on the QSO issues messages


We now collect the callsigns for the QSL gallery. This allow us to more easily check if there’s a duplicate, and it improves navigation for the users.

The Profile > QSL Gallery page was also split, one to see your uploads and other to do new uploads. There is an “Upload” button on the top of the listing page.

In the public area the Gallery page now shows the last 5 QSLs to be uploaded, and allows you to show all QSLs from a given call sign.

Profile > QSOs with Issues

There was a condition where recently uploaded QSOs that were not  yet processed for DXCC information where shown as “invalid”. We now show them as “not checked yet” hoping that it will be clearer that they are not ready (yet) for analysis. My apologies to the members that got confused with this.

The messages about the invalid modes were also updated to make it clear that this is about the narrow band transponder, since is that the focus of our club.

This was just a minor update, we’ll continue trying to improve.