Website Update: avoiding “shit site”

Some updates were deployed to the QO-100 Dx Club today, correcting a bug from last night release and applying some minor tweaks

Duplicated QSOs after upload

A bug on the duplicated QSO checking code was inserting QSOs that were already on the system. The reason was that we started dropping the “seconds” part from the QSO time, truncating it to full minutes, and that originated a miss when checking for duplicates. It is fixed now, but if you got duplicates inserted by mistake and they are too many to manual delete, please contact us so we can work out a solution.

Missing grid JO69 in Norway

By mistake JO69 was not in our list of grids for Norway, that situation is now corrected.  Our thanks to the several members that pointed that out.

Wrong column name in Profile > Status

A column was incorrectly labelled on the DXCC entities table. Our thanks to the member that brought that to attention and help us to make our club a better tool.

Highlight of QSO that is single contributor for a DXCC

In the Profile > QSOs with Issues page if a QSO has issues and is the only one for it’s DXCC entity in your logbook, it’s highlighted with an asterisk “*”. This makes it easier to catch mistakes with “rare” entities in your logbook.